Cool new stuff, figured out howto connect and post via my Smarty-Phoneâ„¢...

Also been studying up on php to do some tweaks and tricks later with the menus and sidebars...

For those not familiar with WordPress as a CMS, a nifty feature is Custom Fields, which allow some neat extensibility and categorization tricks, like series of articles, subtitles, embedded pictures, etc.... thats another thing to play with soon...

Up and Alive!

This site is cooking with gas now!

Just validated with the hosting company, so i have full control and access with the server.
I'm pretty impressed with just what you get with Bluehost here. Their web servers have quite a bit of horsepower and bandwidth.

In other news, the site now has an email account:
Ill be working on getting the "Pages" listed on the top bar to have something interesting to see in them.