So, those of you that have websites, and maybe some that do not, know all about this "SEO" B-S that sloppy devs and scammers use to try to generate traffic.

Google's pagerank uses the number of links to a site to rate it's relevance and popularity. In essence, the algorithm periodically crawls the entire internet looking for links, counts the number that point to particular sites, and uses the number to sort all those sites. Thereby, if you have a site that, for example, sells Ugg boots or NFL Jerseys or Canadian prescriptions, you would want as many websites as possible to link to you so that your website is higher on the pagerank list. What people are doing nowadays is spamming the crap out of the comments on everyone's personal blogs (IE: mine) to try and have their comments create a link back to their website. This is crap. Today (April Fools), i have gotten hundreds of spam comments with zero content. I manual administer (allow/disallow) these, and its frankly a problem. I feel this level of trash and spam is in essence a kind of psychological DoS attack on my person. This is _my_ personal website, for my technical explorations and use, with my own full name across the top. I do not appreciate this automated crap filling my inboxes. As such, for those wishing to post legitimate comments, you will now need to fill out a captcha. I apologize. To everyone else: Piss off, no one here wants Ugg boots or cialis.